Utah Cutthroat Slam, Bonneville Cutthroat Trout

So I located a place in a awesome mountain range not to far away from me where Bonneville Cutthroat Trout were supposed to be wiped out from a fire. I decided one day to go by myself and check this out. When I first arrived at this stream I noticed it had awesome potential....deep pools and perfect water for trout. I decided to go down stream for whatever reason. There was still snow on the ground so  I think I tried to avoid it. I let my fly go down stream just messing around, I didn't actually think anything would be where I dropped my fly. I watched a larger trout jump up and could see my bright green fly in it's mouth. From this point on, this stream has never disappointed me. I didn't catch many this day because I went down stream.

I have been back approximately 10 times to this stream. I have brought friends and Hollie. A matter of fact it was one of my first dates with her! I was happy to see that the Utah Cutthroat Slam had Bonneville Cutthroat in it because this is one species already nailed down.

I have gone upstream with my friend and uncle. I have caught my biggest Bonneville out of this stream and I have seen larger ones that I could not get. Attached below will be random photos of different trips. This place is a secret for me and I only tell a few trusted people. It is a hidden gem for me! My friend featured in the below photos is the guy I owe it to for teaching me how to fly fish! Thanks Zach!

This would be my first species for the Utah Cutthroat Slam!

Snychez' first Bonneville!

I thought having an infected eye would deter her!

I owe it to this guy who got me into fly fishing and my obsession with catching trout.


  1. Hey Milo, nice post & pictures of the Bonnies. Looking forward to following your blog.

    1. Hey thanks for looking bud! Just so you know your blog inspired me to create this of my travels! I always look forward to your updates and have commented on some of your blog post! Keep up the good work


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